Reporting Toolkit, the RTK, is a timely, flexible and user-friendly reporting toolkit, designed for quick and easy completion of financial reports to meet the Solvency II, CRD IV and IFRS data governance requirements.
RTK allows users to rapidly generate, validate and deploy quantitative financial reports in XBRL format and the QRTs.

RTK – the alternative to T4U

RTK has been designed to replace EIOPA’s Tool for Undertakings, which will not be subject to further updates and releases. Since BR-AG contributed to the original design and implementation of the T4U tool, we are in a unique position to provide a suitable software replacement which tailors to users’ needs and responds to regulatory requirements. RTK aims to assist in particular small and medium sized companies with limited or no XBRL knowledge, by enabling them to simply create, edit, correct and validate XBRL instance documents to implement harmonised quantitative reporting. The high-performing engine of RTK allows for fast processing of multiple reports simultaneously, saving filers time and effort. RTK is continuously tested and updated by BR-AG experts to fit regulatory requirements.

Key Functionalities

  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface
  • Combines pre-built and tested templates, based on EIOPA’s QRT
  • Simple export/import capabilities from Excel
  • Validation testing
  • Search across rows and columns to seek errors
  • Track history of activities
  • RTK Log viewer
    RTK Log viewer
  • RTK - validations
    Log of actions
  • Solvency II reporting
    Report submission process

RTK vs. T4U

T4U & RTK functions

  • Solvency II 2.1.0 version
  • Report filling
  • Export to XBRL
  • Import to XBRL
  • Error log

Additional RTK functions

  • Search for report, validation
  • User support
  • New Solvency II versions support
  • Adjustable windows
  • Multiple reports active
  • User friendly interface
  • CRD IV support

Key benefits

  • Deployment of high quality, complete XBRL reports, fully compliant with regulatory standards
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Intuitive to use with a simple, user-friendly interface
  • High-speed data processing
  • Reuse the taxonomies for future reporting
  • Designed by an experienced and highly responsive team of experts available to provide support and guidance