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Compliance with Solvency II, CRD IV, NST Frameworks

Oriented to Business Users

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RTK – an alternative solution for Solvency II reporting

In response to market needs, the BR-AG team has designed RTK – an intuitive and easy to use solution that allows for quick and seamless business reporting, compliant with all versions of Solvency II taxonomies. RTK matches all of the core functionalities provided by T4U but also adds some new ones. This guarantees audit proof results that can be generated on regular cycles within elegant visual format. RTK enables users to create, edit, correct and validate XBRL instance documents and implement harmonised financial reporting in compliance with Solvency II regulation. Our solution is aimed both at local regulators and central banks.

BR-AG is in a unique position to provide an alternative Solvency II reporting toolkit

RTK has been designed with particular attention to the needs of customers looking for the next Solvency II reporting software. Since the BR-AG team provided technical advice on the original design and implementation of EIOPA’s T4U tool, we feel we understand both the technical and business needs of issuers. This experience has put us in a unique position to create a tool which serves as a reliable and solid solution to fit EIOPA’s taxonomies. On top of that:

  • We have 10+ years of experience designing and implementing XBRL-based solutions
  • We continue to provide advisory service to EIOPA on new versions of Solvency II taxonomy
  • We cooperate with issuers and regulators with the goal to collaboratively build efficient and stable regulatory data environments and governance
  • In over 11 years we have delivered more than 60 projects globally
  • We specialise in the area of financial regulations (i.e. Solvency II Basel Accord, MiFIR, MiFID II, IFRS, AnaCredit, BCBS239) and implementation of technical standards to fit regulatory requirements (i.e. XBRL, ISO20022, SDMX).

Comparison of T4U and RTK functionalities




Support for the Solvency II 2.1.0 taxonomy
Activity history tracking
Import/export to XBRL
Validation mechanism
Excel import/export option
Coverage of IFRS and CRDIV taxonomy
Support for EIOPA’s Quantitative Reporting Templates
Support for the Solvency II 2.2.0 taxonomy
Precise report error finder
Simultaneous multiple reports view
Windows docking function for flexible view
Continuous technical support and tool updates

Supported reporting frameworks

  • EIOPA – Solvency II
  • ECB – add-on for EIOPA Solvency II
  • Bank of England – Capital Plus, Financial Statements
  • Central Bank of Ireland – National Specific Templates (NST)
  • All other frameworks based on XBRL and DPM

Supported formats

  • Technical excel data upload/download
  • Business Excel Template
  • Template (e.g. QRTs layout) based excel data upload/download
  • CSV import export
  • Import-export functionalities
  • Validation results
  • Excluded combinations
  • Multi -dimensional context
  • Filterable open tables

EIOPA decommissioned T4U

Together with the release of the new Solvency II taxonomy, EIOPA decommissioned T4U as the official platform for implementing Solvency II reports in XBRL. As an open source and free of charge tool, T4U has been a particularly feasible solution for small and medium sized companies. The withdrawal of EIOPA’s primary support and discontinuation of the development of the tool generates the immediate need for alternative reporting solutions to create, edit and validate Pillar III XBRL reports in compliance with the Solvency II regulation.

User support

We provide full support for the tool. This includes maintenance resulting in stability and performance of RTK. Our experience in support of Solvency II Taxonomy and T4U development with EIOPA gives use unique ability to understand the needs of our clients. Our track record shows that we are able to deliver on our obligations in a timely and efficient manner. And also means that the further development of the tool will continue with the highest quality resulting in stability, performance and regular updates. If continuous enhancements and highly responsive and supportive team are the things that matter to you we have proven that during our previous projects.

Examples of customisation areas

Dependent on specific customer requirements we are ready to provide the following improvements:

  • RTK localisation
  • Local filing rules (non-XBRL)
  • System integration
  • Customer specific functionalities

BR-AG clients:

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