Data platform gathering information in one point and providing value added information to financial professionals

What is it?

Litix is a data processing platform for open and closed information. It is a complete solution for data collection, analysis and dissemination.

Who is it for?

Public institutions, supervising authorities, data aggregators, software companies and others who collects, analyse and re-redistribute the information.

How does it work?

Fully automated process of data extraction from the XBRL files to the relational,non-relational database and other formats, like JSON.

Why to use it?

Litix establishes one-point storage center for information from various sources. Litix is an elastic mechanism for “absorbing” changes in collected data resulting from updates of the reporting regimes.

Statistical offices

Litix establishes secure, closed XBRL data storage environment and allows for integration with existing analytical tools such as STATISTICA, Business Intelligence commercial solutions or simple MS Excel spreadsheets

Banking and Insurance Supervisors

Litix provides ready to use mechanism for storing of supervisory data, such as CRD IV and Solvency II XBRL reports. It is open for integration with available on market XBRL submission filing gates and analytical tools.

SEC, Company Registers

Litix provides complete infrastructure for storing of XBRL based information and its dissemination to both individual and corporate data users in form of row data in XBRL or JSON format as well as data equipped with analytical tools. It provides new channels for data dissemination including mobile platforms. It creates new sources for generating incomes by offering innovative information products to the market.

Software companies

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Data agreggators

Litix provides one of the key component for building new information products and combining interactive data with other data sources, such as stock quotations, current reports, and other RSS feeds.

XBRL Data Parser

It transfers information from XBRL taxonomies and XBRL instance documents to the relation databases. It does not substitute XBRL Validator for verifying correctness of the  reported information.


Relational database designed in a way that allows for capturing of the constant updates in XBRL taxonomy without a need for a change of the database structure.

Analytical models

Complex analytical models allowing for supported by probability mechanism identifies company specific information.


Dedicated web-service providing requested information, such as a complete financial statement, indicated financial ratios in a simplified format.

User Interface

Litix comes with a simple web interface and a mobile application dedicated for iPad.  Both are available for free testing with latest financial data of the Fortune 100 companies.

Step 1. Proof of Concept

Provide us with the sample XBRL reports, we will gear up Litix with this information and present you our data platform in action. In this moment you will have better understanding on the potential scenarios of Litix implementation for your organisation.

Step 2. Requirements analysis

Together with your software and business analysts, we are identifying additional functionalities desired by business users, required  customization of already existing functionalities, areas of Litix integration with existing

Step 3. Customization and integration

We are implementing required functions and setting up data base with historical data, set-up of analytical models,  running pre-production tests.

Step 4. Production

Litix is ready to use and released for production.

Litix info

iPad demo

WebApp demo