ATOME: Particles for CRD IV and resolution reporting and data quality assurance


The Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) is a pan-European framework which has been implemented for the financial sector to counter the harmful effects of the financial crisis. The CRD IV framework has only been in force for several years now and continues to pose data management challenges for many banks and investment firms. Together with the resolution reporting requirements (under Single Resolution Board remit), its scope is changing and financial institutions must be able to adapt quickly and keep apace with the latest version of the taxonomies published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the Single Resolution Board (SRB). Keeping up to date with the regulatory pipeline is a must so as maintaining reliable tools to assure compliance with CRD IV and its next revisions (CRD V / CRR II package was already published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJ) on 7 June 2019).


ATOME: Particles is an intuitive, easy to use solution that allows quick and seamless business reporting, compliant with all versions of CRD IV taxonomies and the SRB taxonomy for resolution reporting. With ATOME: Particles the user can create, edit, correct and validate reports as well as import and export Excel and XBRL files. The high-performing engine of our software allows fast processing of multiple reports simultaneously, saving the filer’s time and effort. To improve the compliance ratio, errors can be corrected easily before the final submission.


ATOME: Particles adds a reliable layer of quality assurance to your submission providing advanced quality checks and validation functions. With the latest taxonomy version readily available it helps to quickly adopt regulatory updates in your reports. Hosted on your desktop, it gives you complete control over your data and the highest level of security. Moreover, ATOME: Particles is continuously tested and updated by our experts to fit regulatory requirements and remain easy to use, user-friendly and quick to implement.