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Helpdesk & Support

e-Platform?access? providing? all? necessary?information? on? the? T4U? and? corresponding? reporting? requirements.

Regulatory Maintenance

Ongoing?maintenance?of?the?T4U?by?keeping?the?tool? fully? up? to? date? with? latest? XBRL? Solvency? II and CRD IV/CRR  XBRL taxonomies.


Anhancing?user?experience by tailoring?the?tool’s?functionality?to?the?particular?reporting?scenario?requirements.


Adapting? of? the? T4U? to? the? linguistic,? cultural? and? technical requirements?of?a?local?market.

National level reporting

T4U? support? for? the? country? specific? reporting?requirements?of?insurance?or?banking?sector.

Since 2013, BR-AG has been actively involved in the T4U developing