This SDMX workshop complements BR-AG Knowledge and Capabilities Development Programme on XBRL standard by allowing the statisticans and IT professionals from the central banks and the statistical offices learn about technical possibilities of information exchange on balance of payments and similar areas of reporting. This workhsop also presents real case scenarios of building coherent data framework for financial and statistical assuring data integrity.

Target audience

The training is dedicated to the analysts and policy setters dealing with statistical data, it also presents technical aspects of the standards and allows IT professionals (database architects, Java, .Net developers) to understand the architecture of the SDMX schemas and corresponding instances.


What you will learn about SDMX is:

  • the SDMX Information Model (SDMX-IM) – set of functional packages which assist in the understanding, re-use and maintenance of the model
  • use cases scenarios- examples of implementation scenarios by public and private sector
  • technical architecture – fundamentals of SDMX schemas and corresponding statistical reports
  • XBRL vs. SDMX – potential for building coherent financial and statistical data framework


What you will learn to do is:

  • to define simple data model
  • to convert data model into real SDMX metada dictionary using opensource tools
  • to create sample statistical report in SDMX format


Upon completion of this course you will be:

  • familiarized with basic terms of SDMX standard
  • author of your first SDMX metadata dcitionary
  • able to identify key aspects of financial and statistical data framework alignment