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ATOME: Connected shortlisted in Digital Innovation Challenge

We are happy to announce that we were among the 10 shortlisted finalists in Digital Innovation Challenge organized by the European Commission!

After a brainstorming session, our Team came up with a solution called ATOME: Connected, which combines Core Vocabularies with a collaborative cloud-based environment that provides an interface for the target customer. The heart of our concept was to base ATOME: Connected on open and reusable solutions provided by the European Commission, improving the exchange of information and integration of data between relevant entities. 

The e-Government Core Vocabularies, developed by ISA², are simplified, reusable, and extensible data models that capture the fundamental characteristics of a data entity in a context-neutral and syntax-neutral fashion, promoting semantic interoperability among European public administrations to improve information exchange and data integration.

An increasing number of organisations are beginning to adopt the platform economy and digital strategies to cope with both the increasing demands of reporting and the need for high-quality, structured data on multiple levels. 

The vision driving our proposed solution is inspired by the platform economy and sets to enable public administrations in the European Union, including municipalities, local governments and NGOs to participate in a collaborative platform environment. 

In consequence, they would be able to cooperate, sharing technical language and engaging multiple stakeholders within their organisations and other entities in their own countries and across European Union borders. 

This can be achieved by equipping the administrations with software tools and an interface that enables building domain-specific vocabularies, dictionaries or models in accordance with a common open-source methodology shared in the EU, translating regulatory concepts into easily understandable templates and comparing data with other country jurisdictions.:

The principles of ATOME: Connected would allow these organisations for:

Greater harmonisation: Preparing their data definition systems for harmonisation within and inside various domains, governance levels and competent bodies.

Enhanced transparency: Make the requirements and decision-making more transparent to their citizens and partner institutions and provide a response to calls for such transparency on local, national and international levels.

Standardisation of data: Sharing the definition of concepts involved in decision-making with other bodies and responding to the calls for standardisation to enable further data digitisation, comparability and accessibility at the Member State and EU level.

Data-based decision making: Streamlining information gathering to improve and facilitate decision-making processes and rendering data easily reusable in “fit-for-purpose” analyses as a response to the growing lack of resources available to administrations and the associated challenges.:

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