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Data Collection

Powerful reports scheduling and data collection portal designed for regulators and reporting entities.

The visibility & control regulators crave.

The simplicity reporting entities need.

Addressing the challenges posed by reporting requirements getting more intricate and the increasing data volumes harder to manage, ATOME Vortex was developed by BR-AG experts as a powerful Reports Scheduling & Data Collection Portal to streamline data-intensive and time-consuming regulatory processes and associated activities.

In particular, the portal advances how Regulatory Authorities, other institutions responsible for collecting reports from their subordinates and Reporting Entities handle reports scheduling, collection, submission, and management of data.

Whether used independently or as part of the ATOME ecosystem, ATOME Vortex provides Regulators with enhanced capabilities to generate reporting schedules using both their Reporting Entities Master Data and Reporting Modules Master Data and allows the Reporting Entities to view the reporting schedule tailored for them and submit the required data against it in a timely manner.

Built to meet regulatory oversight and reporting needs

Automating the right steps to deliver faster, more accurate outcomes with connected data


  • Create, modify, and delete the reporting schedules for respective subordinates

  • Automate the collection of the reporting submissions

  • Securely store all gathered data and access it when needed

Connectivity facilitated for both

With scalable A2A Communication

Serving as a hub of various applications, ATOME Vortex offers exceptional connectivity by linking:

  • for Regulators, validation engine and data storage directly to the submission channels

  • for Reporting Entities, reporting engine to ATOME Vortex to enable extra capabilities for changes and submission status monitoring


  • Consolidate all the reporting requirements under a single source of truth (SSOT) and efficiently maintain control over the change management

  • Access a unified list of reports scheduled specifically for your organization by the Regulators

  • Submit the data straight from the list of reporting requirements or seamlessly integrate it through an API (Application-to-Application – A2A)

Add value to your
ATOME ecosystem application

Save time and development resources by leveraging seamless ‘out-of-the-box’ integration with the ATOME applications or custom integration with external solutions

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ATOME Vortex features

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Speak to BR-AG tech experts – to discover ways to start using intelligent automation for your business processes or request a comprehensive demo of ATOME Vortex.