ATOME: Particles is an intuitive, easy to use software designed to create, validate and export financial report to Excel and XBRL formats. Platform supports multiple reporting frameworks and ensures an efficient realization of financial regulators requuierments. Multiple users can work on the same filling simultaneously on different workstations. Particles adds additional layer of quality assurance to ensure compliance of regulatory reports.

sample Use Cases

Solvency II Data Quality Assurance
Data Quality Assurance for regulatory requirements
IORP II Directive for Pension Funds

A robust toolkit to verify data quality according to Solvency II business rules.


Regulatory frameworks feature increasing number of mathematical and logical business rules required to be complied with upon submission of regulatory reports.

ATOME: Particles allows for timely and robust verification of Solvency II reports and data sets for increased data quality assurance and lowered risks of non-compliance.

Up-to-date, on-demand verification of compliance with Solvency II rules. User-friendly interface allowing for correction of data and tracking of non-compliant data points.

Heightened regulatory scrutiny and ever changing requirements call for better data quality.

Run quality assurance checks against proven and tested validation rules, easily detect and correct errors. Gain better compliance control and data quality of filings under regulations (CRD IV, Solvency II, UK NST and other).

Keeping abreast of regulatory direction, minimized risk of regulatory non-compliance and improved data quality for more insight and reusability.

Get ready for new compliance requirements

Problem: With the new IORP II Directive coming into force and the first IORP II reports to be submitted for Q3/2019, pension funds across Europe face new requirements set by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the European Central Bank (ECB). The countdown has begun for the occupational pension funds to get ready to report their operations under the IORP II rules. Understanding the requirements at an early stage is crucial when preparing for upcoming submissions and getting your reports right from the onset. All pension funds are required to report in XBRL format (extensible business reporting language) which ensures harmonisation and technical compliance but for many may mean that additional expertise and tools are needed.


Solution: Bringing in the experience gained while working on EIOPA’s Solvency II and IORP II taxonomies, BR-AG now supports the pensions funds on their way to timely preparation and reliable validation of IORP II filings. Atome: Particles is a proven and well-tested solution for easy and cost-effective IORP II reporting.


Value: With ATOME: Particles you can easily create and edit reports as well as validate and correct errors before submitting to the regulator. The import and export functions support multiple formats: XLS, XBRL, CSV. On top of that, both the IORP II exempted and non-exempted pension funds are able to implement a reliable XBRL solution at low cost and effort and make sure to get all updates right and in line with new releases of the IORP II taxonomy by EIOPA in the months ahead. Rely on our expertise in developing the EU supervisory data models and XBRL taxonomies, such as the EIOPA Pensions Information Taxonomy.   


  • EIOPA Solvency II
  • Bank of England PRA - NST
  • Central Bank of Ireland Solvency II NST


Perform reliable evaluation of validation rules and reduce manual corrections.


Manage different taxonomies using one tool.


Support multiple formats such as XBRL, CSV, Technical and Visual spreadsheets.


Compare and edit data in views resembling reporting templates published by supervisors.


Keep your reports secure: all data resides in your environment.


Prepare for reporting in advance with new requirements available in a few days only.


We are open to various level of cooperation.


Get the efficient reporting solution that improves data quality.