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Regulatory Reporting

XBRL-certified regulatory reporting software for creating, validating, importing and exporting your regulatory reports.

Let your organization reach full regulatory reporting compliance.

Use data efficiently and avoid reporting errors.

ATOME Particles is a regulatory reporting software, designed for both regulators and filers. It is an easy to implement tool, which can help you with your reporting management, and performing the data validation of your XBRL reports. Thanks to ATOME Particles, regulatory reporting evolves in to a quick and painless process!

With ATOME Particles, you can easily create XBRL reports, that are fully compliant with multiple frameworks. Thanks to our regulatory reporting software, you can forget about missing the deadline because of a non-compliant report that must be corrected. Compare and edit your data for reporting templates and validate it in mere minutes.

Years of experience in regulatory compliance stand behind ATOME Particles. We constantly develop our tool so that you can stay up-to-date with the current regulatory requirements and taxonomies. We can scale from one-person asset managers to global companies, by using ATOME Particles in desktop or API environments.

Regulatory reporting software for a demanding Business

Designed to fulfill your needs

Get ahead

Preparing regulatory reports:

Use the state-of-the-art tool to transform your regulatory data into the XBRL format.

Get control

Tackling the ever-changing regulations:
As regulatory reporting changes over time, you can take full control of your data and be sure that it is up-to-date with the current standards.

Get confident

Automating the report validation:

You can reduce the time needed for tracking down data errors – ATOME Particles automates your regulatory reporting.

Get efficient

Using the API interface:

Secure and reliable API makes data validation and regulatory reporting even more tireless – reduce the amount of work of your engineering team and integrate a reliable solution.

comply with global regulatory requirements

How ATOME Particles works

ATOME Particles enables your company to create, validate, import and export financial reports from/to Excel and XBRL formats. 

It supports various reporting frameworks, adds a layer of quality assurance and runs quality checks against tried and proven validation rules to achieve regulatory reporting compliance. 

You can easily incorporate necessary regulatory updates into your regulatory reporting, using the latest taxonomy version readily accessible.

Explore ATOME Particles

ATOME Particles is the leading regulatory reporting software for various industries. Simple User Experience and accurate data validation will make you compliant in no time.








Supported XBRL


  • Payments [Fraudulent Payments (PSD FRP)
  • COVID 19 Moratoria (COVID-19)


  • Funding Plans (FP)
    Financial Reporting (FINREP)
  • Common Reporting (COREP)
  • Asset Encumbrance (AE)
  • Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SII)
  • Remuneration (REM)
  • MREL Decisions
  • Notifications on impracticability
  • Supervisory Benchmarking (SB)
  • Resolution (RES)
  • Investment Firms (IFR/IFD)
  • IPU
  • ESG
  • Pillar 3
  • Solvency II
  • Pension Funds (IORP II)
  • PEPP Prudential Reporting
  • Financial Conglomerates Directive
  • Resolution Reporting
  • SRF Ex-ante contributions
  • SFRDP Financial Reporting Data Points
  • SFRDP Financial Reporting Individual Data Points


  • BoE Solvency II NST / BoE Solvency II IMO


  • BoE Capital Plus (Capital+)
  • BoE Leverage Ratio
  • BoE Financial Statements
  • BoE Liquidity Pillar II
  • BoE Structural Reform
  • BoE MREL

BoE Statistics

  • FCA Investment Firms Prudential Reporting (IFPR)

CBI Solvency II NST

CBI Taxonomy

  • Finrep Plus (FINREP+)
  • PRISM Impact Metric Data Report
  • Quarterly Summary Financial Return
  • Quarterly Summary Financial Return Plus
  • Related Party Lending Return
  • BIFR
  • Monthly Metrics Return
  • Assets Under Management Data Return
  • Payment Institutions Return
  • E-Money Institution Return

Upcoming Returns

  • Bundesbank EBA 3.2 Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SII)
  • Bundesbank EBA 3.2 Common Reporting (COREP)
  • Bundesbank EBA 3.2 Investment Firms (IF)
  • Bundesbank EBA 3.2 Asset Encumbrance (AE)
  • Estados FINREP Individual
  • Publicos (Estados Publicos)
  • BSI (Estados UEM Circular)
  • Reservados S.A. (Estados Reservados)
  • Reservados M
  • Reservados T
  • Estado de tipos de interés (MIR)
  • Financial Reporting Data Points (FINREP_IND_BE_GAAP_DP)
  • Financial Reporting Individual (FINREP_IND_BE_GAAP)
  • RUBA (Reporting Unifié des Banques et Assimilés)
  • BIS Consolidated Banking Statistics

ATOME Particles supports regulators, business registers, central banks, financial institutions.

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Let`s create lasting value together.

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