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Case Studies

Learn about projects around the world that benefit from solutions and know-how that BR-AG provides and data standards that we advocate

Delivering swift adoption of changing regulatory data requirements and automated reporting for banks in Singapore

Across the world regulators and regulated industries are striving to set up robust and stable financial ecosystems, where data collection enables to identify risks timely.
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Driving transparency: South African Business Register’s standardization for enhanced oversight and ease of doing business

Since 2018, CIPC, South Africa's Business Register, partnered with BR-AG to integrate XBRL, catalysing a shift in SA’s financial reporting. Ensuring regulatory efficiency and investor trust, CIPC now leads sustainability ISSB standard integration into its XBRL taxonomy, setting a precedent for comprehensive reporting practices.
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PwC Belgium & BR-AG: Building trust across the regulatory reporting value chain

PwC Belgium's regulatory reporting services are gaining a competitive edge, supporting greater compliance in the changing regulatory environment within the banking & insurance sectors in EU.
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Central Bank, a member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), automates and optimizes supervisory data management with the ATOME Platform​

Moving towards establishing a future-focused, transforming, data-driven and digital organization...
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