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What do we do exactly?

The way we live today is ruled by technology: from our smartphone, a hub of our daily business, to tools enabling remote work. The trend has also affected players of the financial market, such as financial institutions and insurance providers, who must keep up with the demand for data. The trend has also influenced regulators. That is where we come in.

Data is our thing. We are passionate about new technologies in RegTech and how they can benefit players of the financial market and the regulators themselves. By working as a team, we not only develop data standards and frameworks for our Clients, but also advise them on how to use the potential of technology in managing their data flows.

The combination of our teams’ experience and expert knowledge has led us to develop our own, dedicated platforms: ATOME Matter and ATOME Particles to help regulators and companies alike in overcoming their data challenges.

A few words about our team

Today, we are a team of nearly 90 people, and we are still growing! Within BR-AG, you will get the opportunity to work with our IT teams, consulting and business analysis teams, as well as sales and marketing. Each of our teammates brings something unique to our company – not only their skills, but also different perspectives on our business and different passions.

Who do we work with?

Our view of what we do is largely influenced by our Clients – we work for leading European Union institutions, international regulatory bodies and governments. Our Clients also include international banks and insurance providers.


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