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ATOME: Forces is an XBRL data platform that enables users to access, compare and analyse open financial data. The tool deploys data in various open standard formats (XML, JSON), which can be used by web, mobile, and other applications. Thanks to the API engine, the XBRL data can be easily aggregated, portioned, analysed and deployed in a format that can be further re-usable.

Sample Use Cases

Unlocking iXBRL-reported financial data to get a full picture of key metrics and visualise data across companies, sectors, data sources.


Starting from 2021 listed companies in the EU will be submitting their consolidated annual financial reports in Inline XBRL according to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) which comes to life in 2020. Volumes of Inline XBRL data will become available offering great insight opportunities for market participants. Gearing up to be able to access, process and analyse the data easily and fast – use it to its full potential – has started.

ATOME: Forces gives easy access to all ESEF reported information and makes it available to get more analytical insight into Inline XBRL data. Parse the XBRL data, prepare it for advanced analysis, run analytical queries for desired ratios, visualise and integrate via API.

With ATOME: Forces you can easily access Inline XBRL data – to be reported by over five thousand firms under ESEF – to get a real-time consolidated picture of key metrics across companies and across different data sources. Analyse trends over time and run scenario analysis effortlessly. Results are easily deployed for multiple analytical purposes and for design of innovative information products and services.

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