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Establishing public trust with transparent financial and non-financial information flows and enabling fair, competitive markets. We build open data ecosystems by consensus among and engagement of regulators and market participants and through introduction and development of open data standards, methodologies, technologies, architectures, applications and frameworks. We are driven by reputation and rely on public scrutiny of our projects’ outcomes. 

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Banking sector

Looking for information, help or solutions related to CRD IV, COREP, FINREP, BSI-MIR, AnaCredit? Read more about our offerings for banking sector.

Insurance sector

Do you need support around Solvency II data and compliance requirements or are you looking for more information about Tool for Undertakings? Interested in extending Solvency II DPM and XBRL Taxonomy for National Specific Templates? Read more about our insurance sector offerings.

Capital markets

Navigating through EMIR, MiFIR, ESEF waters? Interested in IFRS or Integrated Reporting? Looking for help with analysis or dissemination of electronic data? Read more about our capital markets solutions and services.

Public sector

Public expenditures and public spending control through open data. Government budgets and government agencies spending oversight.