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BR-AG unveils the ATOME Vortex to power the reports scheduling and data collection

Expanding its digital solutions infrastructure, BR-AG, a scaled technology company with dedicated expertise in developing robust foundations for financial innovation and advanced data ecosystem, RegTech & SupTech solutions, unveiled its new product – ATOME Vortex. The introduced solution serves as a powerful Reports Scheduling and Data Collection Portal that advances how regulators and reporting entities handle reporting scheduling, collection, and management of vast amounts of data alike.

Whether used independently or as part of the ATOME ecosystem, ATOME Vortex provides Regulators with enhanced capabilities to generate reporting schedules using both their Reporting Entities Master Data and Reporting Modules Master Data and allow their subordinates to view the reporting Schedule tailored for them and submit the required data against it in a timely manner.

Visibility and control regulators crave.
The simplicity reporting entities need.

For Regulatory Authorities, the platform provides simplified reporting schedule generation enriched with easy, intuitive navigation through the platform to effortlessly create such schedules according to reporting regulations. Empowering the Data Authorities teams by automating the collection and management of the submissions made by Reporting Entities, ATOME Vortex helps to efficiently gather all relevant data during the regulatory process, eliminate repetitive processes, improve visibility, and securely store the data for easy access when needed.

For Reporting Entities, ATOME Vortex offers a comprehensive set of features that streamline the reporting process by allowing them to access reporting requirements gathered in one place, submit their data straight from the list of Reporting Requirements, or seamlessly integrate it through an Application Programming Interface (application to application – A2A).

Moreover, by consolidating all the reporting requirements into one centralized system, ATOME Vortex serves as a reliable single source of truth regarding such requirements.

To ensure unparalleled connectivity for both Regulatory Authorities and Reporting Entities, ATOME Vortex extends its capabilities by acting as a central hub that enables seamless integration with a wide range of applications. This means that users can leverage the platform’s connectivity to seamlessly interact with other software systems, whether they are part of the ATOME ecosystem or external applications.

Key features of ATOME Vortex

  • One platform for multiple Data Collection & Management use cases
  • Flexible deployment, quick payoff
  • Time & Cost Reduction
  • Eased integration with external applications
  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ integration with ATOME Platform applications
  • Granular users’ permissions management.

“Regulators and Reporting Entities today call for the establishment of well-structured, robust control and reporting processes more than ever as both of them have to navigate ever-increasing volumes of data to collect or submit,”
said Grzegorz Krasuski, Product Owner, BR-AG.

“Reaching that point requires the deployment of advanced technologies to automate the data-intensive and time-consuming processes associated with scheduling reports, keeping track of reporting requirements, and submitting/collecting the data, without jeopardizing their compliance, security, or privacy programs. ATOME Vortex offers a way to address the needs of both sides, at the same time ensuring the connectivity and visibility needed.”

Moreover, BR-AG continues to develop the application even further in order to extend the functionality and improve the UX by enhancing integrations, creating more advanced ways of Scheduling, introducing two-way communication inside the application, and many more.

To learn more about ATOME Vortex capabilities, download the brochure or get started by talking to an expert and booking a comprehensive demo: