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Sailing out into the unknown:

Transforming data collection post-Brexit

CBI to strengthen XBRL and XML use amidst impending IFR/IFD

Lens on the IFR/IFD regime:

Potential implications for reporting answered in 3 questions

Together with financial authorities, we develop data standards, methodologies and frameworks. We help to understand how the regulatory implementation will affect your work.

We provide solutions for

Financial Regulators

Consult on and collaboratively develop data models around regulatory policies.


Develop roadmaps of business reporting. Improve efficiency of B2G and G2G information flow.

Software Vendors

Work on extension and customisation of data models and support integration of data from different sources.

Financial Institutions

Minimise compliance effort and maximise regulatory data potential in different sectors: insurance, banking, pension funds.


ATOME – innovative and technology-driven platform for collaborative design of data models, data quality assurance and enhanced analysis of open data.


Advisory in the field of data policies and technology.

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