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EBA 2.10 Reporting Framework webinar / June 3️0th @ 11 a.m. CEST

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EBA 2.10 reporting framework published by the European Banking Authority will be obligatory to apply by financial institutions in their reporting by the end of 2020. Some changes – like Supervisory Benchmarking IMV will apply from September, while other (Funding Plans, Remuneration, Fraudulent Payments and Resolution) from December 2020.

Changing reporting requirements continue to pose challenges to compliance officers and reporting teams. A knowledge-sharing webinar planned by BR-AG and conducted by our experts is to address the most recent changes.

During the webinar we will cover areas like: recent changes in EBA framework and the impact of these changes on the regulated entities and their reporting. We will address questions on ways to stay prepared for upcoming changes being prepared by EBA and what should be expected in the nearest future coming from initiatives and policies by the regulators in the financial sector.

We invite all regulatory compliance officers to join our free webinar, which will take place on June 3️0th at 11 a.m. CEST. If you are interested, join us here:

Unable to attend at that date? Register anyway and we will get back to you with a schedule of upcoming sessions.