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BoE publishes statistics taxonomy version 1.2.3

On 26th May, the Bank of England has published a new version of the statistics taxonomy (version 1.2.3).  The changles include a number of validation rules. However, as stated by the BoE, the entry points remain the same.

Statistics taxonomy version 1.2.3

A few short takeaways:

  • A change log has been published to outline changes between version 1.2.2 and the new release;
  • A number of validations have been added or amended to ensure the Basic Information template is reported accordingly;
  • The changes to the taxonomy mainly focus on validation rules, removing some and introducing a small number of fixes.

When submitting a statistical return, remember:

The BoE has published a utility that will enable firms to report their Statistical data within an Excel workbook and convert this into an XBRL file and later upload the file to BEEDS. However, this will only be supported for the current taxonomy version. Importantly to filers, the BoE’s utility does not support the validation of data submitted within the returns. If you would like to maintain data quality assurance of your statistical returns, get the trial of our XBRL reporting solution, ATOME Particles.

Learn more about moving  BoE statistical returns to XBRL:

Bank of England moves statistics reporting to XBRL

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