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advisory Services

Connect IT, business analysis and regulatory data know-how for a holistic view on the best fit for purpose solutions in suptech, regtech and data management.

Our experts support at all stages of data and technology projects



  • Suptech & Regtech strategies 
  • Data standardisation & digitisation roadmaps 
  • IT and data architecture


Data Standards practice

         Our experts support financial data standardisation projects implementing and advising on most fit for purpose organisational and technological solutions. We help leverage open data standards and identifiers and assure data quality. Guiding on how to align with international best practices to continuously improve data transparency, shareability and analytic potential and along the way to reduce the data management effort and cost.

technology practices

         Our IT, data and system architects and software developers design, develop and integrate suptech and regtech solutions that make the collection, processing, storage, sharing and analysis of financial data more automated, easier to manage and more trusted. We are a strategic technology partner in data digitization and innovation projects of public and private entities, responding to the ever growing complexity and volume of data in agile and forward-looking ways. We support with a versatile skill and tech stack.

Regulatory &
Business analysis Practises

         We provide regulatory data analyses, modelling and advisory services to support data governance, management of regulatory change and reporting requirements, facilitate data analytics in supervision, compliance and data-driven decision making. Our experts support with granular, standardised and dedicated data models for risk-based supervision, alignment with regulation and standards (Basel accords, IFRS), payments and securities data management and other.

Use Cases