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Desktop application for regulatory reporting requirements

In response to market needs, the BR-AG team has designed RTK – an intuitive and easy to use solution that allows for quick and seamless business reporting, which can be compliant with all reporting frameworks based on XBRL and DPM. RTK enables users to create, edit, correct and validate XBRL instance documents and implement harmonised financial reporting in compliance with Solvency II, NSTs, IORP II, AnaCredit and CRD IV regulation.

RTK supports following:


  • EIOPA – Solvency II
  • EBA – CRD IV
  • ECB – AnaCredit
  • ECB – add-on for EIOPA Solvency II
  • Central Bank of Ireland – National Specific Template
  • Dutch Central Bank – OTC derivatives
  • Bank of England – Capital Plus, Financial Statements
  • RTK can also support all other frameworks based on XBRL and DPM


  • Technical excel data upload/download
  • Business Excel Template
  • Template (e.g. QRTs layout) based excel data upload/download
  • CSV import export

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