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Regulatory Reporting for Authorities

With over 50 cumulative years of experience in Regulatory Reporting at the partner level alone, BR-AG are a safe choice for your software provision.

We are specialised in all things regulatory reporting and currently supply solutions to every aspect of the ecosystem.

Whether you are seeking out a tool for the purposes of testing validation rules, XBRL processing and collection or are looking for an XBRL component to a lightweight data collection system then ATOME: Particles could well be for you.

Designed to be intuitive, user-friendly and specification compliant ATOME: Particles stands out amongst its competition. With XBRL International certification and three different versions offering different levels of automation vs simplicity, Desktop Tool, Command Line Enabled and web API versions, ATOME: Particles is versatile enough to offer serious value to a broad spectrum of user profiles including testers, architects (for ETL of XBRL into analytical systems) and data architects.

Where ATOME: Particles integrates with the open-source XBRL platform Arelle, we are able to build ETL processes for analytics as well as data validation (collection) solutions for you with ATOME: Particles at the centre of the architecture.


Available frameworks

  • CRD IV / CRR & CRD V / CRR II:
    • Asset Encumbrance
    • Common Reporting
    • Financial Reporting
    • Financial Reporting Individual
    • Funding Plans
    • Supervisory Benchmarking
    • Resolution
    • Payments
    • Remunaration
    • COVID 19 Moratoria
    • Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions
    • MREL Decisions
    • Notifications on impracticability
    • Investment Firms
  • Pensions Funds
  • Solvency II
  • Resolution Reporting
  • SRF Ex-ante contributions
  • SFRDP Financial Reporting Data Points
  • SFRDP Financial Reporting Individual Data Points
  • Solvency II NST/IMO
  • Banking Capital Plus
  • Banking Financial Statements
  • Banking Structural Reform
  • Banking MREL
  • Banking Liquidity Pillar II
  • Statistics
  • Stress Testing
  • Solvency II NST
  • Fund Service Providers 
  • Financial Reporting Data Points
  • Financial Reporting Individual
  • BIS Consolidated Banking Statistics
  • FINREP Individual
  • Publicos
  • BSI
  • Reservados S.A.
  • Reservados M
  • Reservados T
  • MIR

Manage different taxonomies using one tool

Data Validation

Perform reliable evaluation of validation rules and reduce manual corrections.

Short Time-to-Market

Prepare for reporting in advance with new requirements available in a few days only.

Import and Export

Support multiple formats such as XBRL, CSV, Technical and Visual spreadsheets.

Intuitive Interface

Compare and edit data in views resembling reporting templates published by supervisors.

Desktop Application

Keep your reports secure: all data resides in your environment.