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Use ATOME to facilitate regulatory reporting, data management for compliance, better data quality, and integrations

the suptech

         Digital transformation is moving forward at a breakneck speed. Even though there is a great potential for SupTech tools to support and enhance the supervisory processes, many supervisors are still struggling to find the right balance between functionalities, costs, and implementation approaches of SupTech tools. 

Central banks and supervisors recognise the growing demand for a ready-to-use, interoperable tool for direct access to structured data concepts to operationalise them through automated modelling, analysis, and visualisation, which is essential for the effectiveness of macro-and 
micro-prudential supervision. 

SupTech and RegTech are two sides of the same coin. Although there may be a variation in their definitions, the aim is the same: to enhance the abilities in the lifecycle of data analysis. 

Our solutions

ATOME suite can optimise the supervisory life cycle. The unique synergy between our two platforms: ATOME Matter and ATOME Particles together with our services for regulators reflect our holistic approach to fostering the transformation of supervisory processes to enable effective supervision.


  • DATA COLLECTION AND VALIDATION Creating environment for automated data collection to reduce human error, create the databases needed for analytical work, and enable redeployment of limited human resources to more evaluation-oriented work.
  • AUTOMATION OF PROCESSES Moving from paper-based to technology-based workflows to ultimately mitigate the problems caused by lack of resources, as work automation reduces employee time and frees up financial and human resources in the long run, while increasing institutional capacity to conduct supervision. 
  • IMPROVED DATA ANALYTICS for faster and more precise identification of risks along with well-targeted policy design and implementation.
atome for regtech data driven management
we provide solutions for

Regulators & Supervisors

Enhancing data interoperability, developing data models and providing advisory in applying data standards such as XBRL, ISO 20022, SDMX and others.


Developing business reporting roadmaps and improving the efficiency of B2G and G2G information flows.

Financial Institutions

Minimising compliance effort and maximising data potential in the banking, insurance, pension funds and investment sectors.


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