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Data inoperability and quality assurance
The modern reporting landscape is a challenging one for financial institutions, as they grapple with increasing reporting requirements and pressure to deliver high-quality data to regulators. At the same time, internal stakeholders are challenged with a myriad of data that is often unstandardized and unstructured, leading to time-consuming processes of manual data extraction, collection, and data quality assurance prior to submission.  With ever-changing regulatory reporting requirements and the increased complexity of reporting obligations, we see that the compliance burden continues to be a major concern for the financial sector.
the atome suite

The ATOME suite comprises of two platforms: ATOME Matter and ATOME Particles. The ATOME Suite is used for regulatory data management and reporting. It can be used in internal regulatory reporting systems and as a component of bespoke data flow solutions. Both components of the ATOME suite can also be used as standalone solutions or can be integrated via API with other internal reporting systems.


ATOME Matter 

ATOME Matter is a data management platform. It supports mapping data reporting requirements into clearly defined data concepts, define data dictionaries, report forms, data quality and business rules in a business user-friendly manner with workflow and cross-team collaboration features, a repository of reporting models and technical outputs for integration (Excel, XBRL, SQL, APIs).  


ATOME Particles 

ATOME Particles is an intuitive, easy-to-use software solution designed to create, validate, and export financial reports to Excel and XBRL formats. The solution supports multiple reporting frameworks, adding an additional layer of quality assurance to regulatory reports. ATOME Particles’ “view-it-like-Excel” interface enables users to validate reports and easily check for any errors in a simple interface, reducing time spent on manually correcting data and eliminating the need for in-house expertise in XBRL and report validation. Available as a desktop application or API system, the solution can either act as a standalone application or be integrated into a data ecosystem. 

Our expertise
We strive to act as a partner to financial institutions, providing our expertise and tools to accelerate the journey towards a data-driven organisation. Combining expertise in IT, business analysis know-how, and regulatory intelligence, we have a bird’s eye view of the challenges facing the financial sector, designing solutions that harmonise information flows through data standards such as XBRL, ISO 20022, and many others. As a strong team of consultants, business analysts, and IT experts, we also deliver consultancy services to harmonise data flows and create robust data governance processes within organisations.